We can not do this without our friends

7 Nov 2017

We’ve now released tickets to the Beavertown Extravaganza 2018. Putting on a festival of this scale is a lot of work and we couldn’t do it without the help and resources of our friends, so we wanted to introduce them to you!

Good Beer Hunting
These guys are leading lights in the world of beer journalism. They offer an insightful, critical and investigative voice on this industry that we all love. The brainchild of founder Michael Kiser, based in Chicago, Good Beer Hunting has grown in both stature and influence over the last few years, and with Matt Curtis now firmly on board as their UK Editor their reach is increasing daily and the quality of their content has never been better. At the inaugural Beavertown Extravaganza they curated a series of talks and panel discussions that became the Beavertown Extravaganza Symposium. These talks we’re so compelling that we couldn’t not involve them for a second year. Make sure you check out some of the videos of the 2017 Symposium on our blog and find out more about Good Beer Hunting themselves on their website or on twitter.

Web: http://goodbeerhunting.com/
Twitter: @goodbeerhunting

When it comes to street food in London there is only one name. KERB. They have the hottest traders on their books and in 2017 they curated a food village at The Beavertown Extravaganza to die for. 19 different options, all of the highest quality, to keep everyone with every possible taste happy, but they are much more than a platform for street food traders, these guys are end to end, offering every trader help, advice, consultation and workshops to make sure that anyone who works with KERB, comes out a better trader on every level, and for those just getting into the game they have their InKERBator programme to give the new kids on the block a leg up in the ever increasingly competitive street food market. Oh yeah, and they run their own markets, organise events and plenty of other things besides. If you want to get your mouth watering, check out their website – or even better, head down to their markets at Camden, Paddington, Kings Cross, The Gherkin, West India Quay or London Bridge!

Web: www.kerbfood.com
Twitter: @KERB_

Beer Merchants
Beer Merchants have been tearing it up as a go to online beer store for years and is a mine of treasures for beer and merch. Backed up by their sister company Cave Direct they have been specialists in the field of importing and wholesaling the finest Belgian and rare beers from across the world for years. Not only that, but now they have committed to a huge leap forward for the beer industry in London creating a space called “Beer Merchants Tap” at 99 Wallis Rd in Hackney Wick, aiming to be London’s best craft beer bar and bottleshop rolled into one, with the added coup of housing London’s first dedicated barrel aged sour blendery. It’s an ambitious project and one that should be applauded. Check out their crowdfunding efforts here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/opening-the-beer-merchants-tap/ .

Web: https://www.beermerchants.com/
Twitter: @beermerchants

Simpsons Malt
Where would we be without Simpsons? Seriously, they are the backbone of our beer. We’ve used Simpsons Malt since way back and they have never let us down. The quality of product we get from them directly impacts the quality of our beers, so we couldn’t put out the top quality brews we do without them. Now Simpsons aren’t new to this game. They have been malting since 1862, and continually improving and evolving their processes, revolutionising the malting process in the UK as they go. Now they have built such a strong reputation for quality and consistency that their malts are used by leading craft breweries all across the globe, from Timothy Taylor’s to Sierra Nevada. Throughout our growth as a brewery Simpsons have been there right by our side, supporting us every step of the way, and in 2017 they were on board for the first Beavertown Extravaganza, regaling our Skullunteers in resplendent tie dye T-shirts, giving them a break-out space to chill out in and generally helping us take the very best care of them. Find out more about them on their website.

Web: www.simpsonsmalt.co.uk
Twitter: @SimpsonsMalt

Simply Hops
If Simpsons are the backbone of our beers Simply Hops are the left jab, right hook combo that smacks you right in the face. As a member of the world’s largest hop supply group, The Barth-Haas Group, they have access to the finest quality hops from around the world. This wealth of riches has led them to specialising entirely in hops and hop derived products. No jack of all trades here, they are masters of what they do, selling their hops exclusively to craft and independent breweries in the UK, Europe and Africa. Have a look at their website to find out just how far their mastery of the hop goes. We’ll give you a clue, it goes a long way into some very geeky hoppy places. Supporting us in 2017 by creating The Beavertown Extravaganza Brewers Lounge and we are very glad they are back for 2018.

Web: http://simplyhops.co.uk
Twitter: @SimplyHops

There are some aspects of brewing that aren’t as much fun as the others. The cleaning is one – and there is a lot of cleaning – but another is kegs, keg cleaning, handling, managing and collecting. The thing is, while kegs may seem pretty straight forward when you look into it, not all kegs are created equal, and when it comes to Kegstar kegs they are definitely a cut above. Why? Simplicity and service. We made the switch from our own fleet of steel kegs to Kegstar kegs earlier this year and we aren’t looking back. They take the hassle out of just about everything to do with having a keg fleet apart from the filling and delivering which we are happy to do ourselves. Once they are empty the pub notify Kegstar that they are ready to collect via an app that is simpler to use than Tinder and Kegstar pick ’em up, clean them and return them to us to start the cycle again and all that time we save here at Beavertown can be spent on other things like cleaning – and sometimes brewing. Originally from Australia, Kegstar are now an increasingly global business with offices in New Zealand, USA and UK & I (albeit still just 18 months old in the UK) Check out what Kegstar can do on their website.

Web: https://www.kegstar.com/united_kingdom
Twitter: @kegstarkegsuk

NFU Mutual
Now we get down to the real nuts and bolts. Insurance. The fact is though, everybody needs it, especially breweries. We’re complex places full of expensive kit which all has to be covered. NFU Mutual cover a large proportion of the craft brewing industry in the UK not only for their kit, but also for any product recall that may happen from time to time. Alongside tailoring insurance specifically for a breweries needs NFU Mutual are big supporters of the industry its self and recognise the importance of the UK’s craft brewing sector to the economy as a whole. With their roots in farming they have been working with hands on, hardworking industries since their inception and they understand and share the passion and price that brewers and other producers have for their products. Dig a bit deeper and have a look at their website.

Web: www.nfumutual.co.uk
Twitter: @nfum



The logistical muscle and know how behind The Beavertown Extravaganza. As you know we promise you the freshest beer – the way it should be tasted, out the brewery door and a couple of weeks old. Well this is how we do it – we work with Mainfreight, who offer us an end to end service to get beer from anywhere in the world to us (and vice versa), and they can do it in a couple of days, even from New Zealand – taking care of the freight every step of the way and keeping our lives nice and easy. So easy in fact we use them year round, not just to get beer to us, but for us to get beer all over the place. Festival in the States, no problem. Sweden? Sure! And they can work by land, air or sea dependent on our needs and the needs (and speeds) that the beer has to get there. For us, it stops at beer, but for them, they can move pretty much anything so if you need to get something from A to B in perfect condition, ready to roll as soon as it arrives, with all of the hassle of customs forms and clearance taken care of, then you need to speak to these guys. Seriously. They are also top people and have an insanely cool BBQ trailer!

Web: www.mainfreight.com
Contact: sales@uk.mainfreight.com

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