Busy Beavers

4 Oct 2014

First and foremost, sorry we haven’t been more attentive to your needs. We know you love us but sometimes we just get buried with making beer, and frankly youre getting a bit clingy and its putting strain on our relationship. I don’t know… maybe we both just need some space to breathe. Im going to stay with my mother.

HEYYYY, we could never stay mad at you. A lot has been happening in the world of Beavertown recently, and as a result there has been a little bit of an exodus from keeping you all in the loop. But never fear, we have returned to fill you in, update you, and keep it phresh (Am I right young, hip people?! Am I? Seriously, please tell me.) Ok what’s first. After the elation of the Rainbow Project we hosted last month, we got pretty collab happy! ( They had been in the pipeline for a while but finally actually hoppened (tee hee.) We brewed with Naparbier last year, to create the delectable “Sun Also Rises,” Sherry BA Saison for the Rainbow project so we were already technically best friends when we started on our double IPA a couple of weeks ago. This collab marks the first time in Beaver history we have used Dextrose in a brew. It increases sugar content in the wort making it more fermentable, BUT, it leaves you with a lot less fusel alcohol and therefore leaves you with a much cleaner flavor – that IPA flavor you know and love! So watch this space for a scarily drinkable double IPA, that we crafted with guys who are real good at achieving high abv’s but leaving the drinker totally unawares! Lovely. Its got a great name too, but that will be revealed in due course! Speaking of which the artwork ( A collaboration between Nick (who is behind our skulls) and Antonio Bravo Vasquez (the guy behind theirs). Check him out here.
And here is a little sneak of the artwork:


Next up is a doozie. To be released imminently is a red saison, currently sleeping soundly on a bed of redcurrants and sour cherries. This beer was brewed with the one and only Mikkel Borg-Bjereso of Mikkeller (Thor from Tool brewery was also there but apparently just giggled and spoke in a funny accent.)

If you like beard with your beer, the Arizona Wilderness boys were also here for this one, collab-ing, misbehaving and wearing their underpants at any available opportunity. (As were everyone else for the “Hop Bucket Challenge,” but stay tuned on that one.)


Alongside the “young” release of this, we are barrel aging a batch on red wine barrels to get as much red in there as possible. Excited yet? No? Get out.
In case you needed more exciting information about this collab, Nick is collaborating with Mikkeller’s designer, Keith Shore, on this one, so has become really design fanboy, and is pushing really hard for Beavertown’s first printed bottle too. Again, we think this has a cracking name, and the artwork is coming along nicely. Ner ner ner ner you cant see it. Ok fine but only a little bit:


But wait! There’s more! You may remember way back when, when we first released “Lemon Phantom,” our sour Berlinerweisse that went down an absolute storm. Well we are adding to the Phantom family! The first is Passion Phantom, a collaboration with Kona, and a beach storming, passion fruit, rye and coriander sour. Real sweet. Real sour. Real delicious. We are likely to make more of this in the future too as people seem to really enjoy it. Here is the Passion Phantom herself.


The second is the eloquent but sharp “Earl Phantom,” brewed with the guys from Indyman Beer Convention. It’s going to be amazing! Cousin to the sweet, “Lemon Phantom,” it’s a 3.6% lemon ice tea beer, dry hopped with Earl Grey tea! See bellow for the Earl himself and pictures of the guys in action.

Earl-Phantom.psd-01_1000 IMG_20140822_100811_1000

Oh and no biggie, but Gamma Ray won GOLD at Stockholm Whisky and Beer festival. There were 1600 entrants.. JUST SAYING.


So there you have it! Busy busy busy. There is much more to come, but that will all be revealed in due course.
Lots of love,
Your friendly neighborhood Beavertown xx

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