A Sense of Place

Our contribution to the Terroir project 2018: From the West Coast to the East Coast, London to New Zealand, each participating brewery was invited to produce their own distinct hybrid, but with three binding stipulations: we all had to use the same grain bill; the same maturation period in barrels; and the same co-fermented percentage of wort & wine grapes. The kicker: all grapes had to be grown within 100 miles of each brewery.

The result is an unprecedented exploration into how “terroir”—or sense of place—drives what we taste.

Our beer & wine hybrid and contribution to the Terroir project is called just that: Sense of Place.

Last September (2017) we went to Chapel Down winery and collected 750L of Pinot Noir juice from their press. Then we combined this juice with skins from our neighbours Forty Hall (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) that we pressed at Davenport winery in Kent.
We let the wild yeast on the skins do their work on the juice for a few days as well as punch down on the skins to extract colour and tannin. After 3 days fermentation on the skins, we took the fermenting juice into a conical fermenter and combined it with a simple wort (unfermented beer) of Pilsner Malt, Wheat and aged Fuggles hops from Kent. The active wild yeasts in the fermenting grape juice were more than enough to chew through most of the sugars from the wort. The hybrid was then racked into 6 Pinot Noir barrels from Burgundy for 10 months before being racked out of barrel, blended and conditioned in the tank before bottling in October 2018. A limited number of kegs will be pouring at the Terroir Project launch at Firestone Walker barrelworks in California on 29th September 2018 before the official launch in the UK <3


Beer/Wine Hybrid. Golden ale with pinot noir grapes aged in wine barrels




Extra Pale, Torrified Wheat


Native Wine Yeast and Bacteria from Grape skins


Aged Fuggles



Available in

Bottle and keg