M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction)

In a world full of crazy, only one thing keeps us sane. The cold comfort blanket that is “Mutually Assured Destruction”.

Brewed in collaboration with insane Norwegian beer despots, Lervig, this hop bomb is the “gift” that keeps on giving. Pure mango juice in the glass it packs a hefty payload of tinned mangos and pineapple on the nose with just the faintest hint of pine-y menthol. On the palate it’s banging fresh, targeting your taste receptors with juicy peach, passionfruit and a lick of zesty lime, then, just when you thought the bombardment was over, a wave of punchy black pepper & liquorice bitterness reinforcements arrive that keep on going, and going, and going until your taste buds are so battle-weary you can’t remember a time before this flavour.



Double IPA




Golden Promise, Wheat, Malted Oats, Flaked Oats, Acidulated


WLP4000 (Vermont)


Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, Galaxy