Love in Idleness

Love in Idleness is a Grisette style beer (basically a low-ABV saison with a high proportion of malted wheat) which was brewed using flowers from our friends at Living Under One Sun, the community allotment next to the brewery. We wanted to brew something to help raise awareness and money for their fund-raising campaign to open a community hub in Tottenham. We chose the Grisette style as it would provide a delicate backdrop to support the subtle flavours of the flowers picked from the allotment. We chose to use Calendula and Blackcurrant Sage for their unique and distinct aromatics. Flowers were added both hot side, along with some hops after liquor back in the copper, and in the fermenter as a tea made from the flowers. We then dry hopped the beer with a small amount of the German hop, Relax, which was traditionally used as a tea for relaxation purposes. The resulting beer is dry, delicate, and floral. We have tried our best to use ingredients and support our friends at the allotment as much as possible, from using honey (from their apiary) and rosemary for our Biere de Miel for our 2017 Rainbow Project beer with Jester King, to having them prepare the best Friday lunch for the team recently. They are so close to reaching their fund-raising target so we hope that the proceeds from this beer will help them over the finish line.


Grisette with Flowers






Bohemian Pilsner, Malted Wheat, Spelt, Torrified Wheat, Acid Malt


Belle Saison


Perle, Relax