Hop Harvest 2018

Hop Harvest 2018 is our first ever Hop Harvest beer, brewed using Goldings hops from Hukins Hops in Kent. The beer takes it’s inspiration from the Hop Harvest beer from De Ranke, using a simple malt bill of Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt and Unmalted wheat, bittered to around 35 IBU with a small charge of Magnum in the kettle. At the end of the boil, the wort was pumped back into the mash tun, acting as a makeshift Hop-Back, which was filled with 50kg of Fresh Goldings hops, fresh from Hukins Hop Farm in Kent. The wort was fermented with a rustic Belgian ale strain at warm temperatures to stimulate ester production, to compliment the spicy/earthy character of the hops. The beer was then conditioned for an extended period, and carbonated gently to ensure a rocky, characteristic Belgian foam.


Fresh Hopped Belgian Pale




Extra Pale, Malted Wheat, Torrified Wheat


Imperial B56 Rustic


50kg Wet Goldings Hops from Hukins Hops, Magnum, Tettnang

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