Goslar Dreamin’

Brewed by Lidia, our very own Barbara Good (of The Good Life fame). Goslar Dreaming radiates in the sun with its straw yellow haze, taking you by the hand to lead you through the gardens and allotments of lower Saxony in late spring. Sweet rhubarb, elderflower and a hint of lime zest tease the nostrils. Dig deeper and your palate is filled with a gently wine tart acidity, white florals and a stony mineral core. The mineral note flows right through til the finish of clean citrus pithiness and raw wheat.


What’s the reason behind our brewer Lidia’s idea of brewing a Rhubarb Gose?
Because she can’t get enough of sour beer and veggies, of course!
Especially if the veggie’s local, as is the rhubarb she used for this beer, that perfectly balances out its slight saltiness and the delicate coriander aroma. And because she also loves the Lactobacillus she used to sour it, she decided not to go for a kettle sour and keep them in the finished beer instead.

So, what are you dreaming about, on a rainy day in London, while you are waiting for summer? About California? Maybe. She was dreaming about the city that gifted us this style: Goslar. (No, It’s not about Ryan Gosling). So, let’s start tasting and start dreaming!


Rhubarb Gose






Extra Pale Malt, Malted Wheat, Acidulated Malt




Lactobaccilus Plantarum