Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

A collaboration brew with our friends at To Øl. It was available as a double bottle pack…

The duality of human nature was a 19th century Victorian obsession.

Together with our friends at To Øl, we dreamt up a collaborative brew that pushed the boundaries of our creativity to the absolute limit. Born out of the same mash tun, then disassociated, adulterated, deformed and reformed. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells the story of Good vs Evil, of outward respectability and inward lust.

Inspired by an old brewing legend of industrial espionage at the turn of the 20th century. A stolen Scottish yeast strain becomes a well-known Belgian pale. A moralistic, civilizing endeavor succumbed to self-indulgent, animalistic vice.

Dr. Jekyll,

A smooth and gentle mannered character, betrays just a hint of the Devil bubbling underneath. Our pale base wort, fermented with what is rumored to be the very same Scottish yeast strain used in Hyde, but “taken apart” and refined. Barreled with Brett and fresh sour greengages, rounded by Lacto, gooseberries and a summer spent in Muscat.Mr. Hyde,

Mr. Hyde,

A dark, vulgar, unstoppable beast evolved from that same very simple pale wort and fermented separately using the fabled Scottish strain. Rich and robust, we transformed Hyde into an Imperial Stout by the addition of a strong elixir brewed from smoked and dark roasted malts, molasses and hops. Embittered and emboldened, spiked with sea salt, then sentenced to languish in Speyside Whisky casks.


Muscat Barrel Aged, Bretted, Gooseberry Belgian Pale / Scotch Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


Dr. Jekyll: 8.1% / Mr.Hyde 13.7%%