Cinco de Cuatro

This beer was inspired by our Brewer Jonny Hamilton’s trip to Southern California and the copious amounts of Fish Tacos he consumed. Inspired (and very full) he wanted to create a beer inspired by Baja style tacos, or more specifically the Mango salsa which adorns them. It turned into a pale ale, with a large percentage of flaked corn in the mash (a nod to the corn tortillas used in tacos), with Mango, Lime juice, and Scotch Bonnet chilis added to the beer at the end of fermentation. The beer was then lightly dry hopped with Amarillo and El Dorado hops to reinforce the tropical fruit character from the mango and lime.

The aroma introduces itself with punchy lime and mango with some notes of sweet peppers and raisins in the background. The flavour is big bold and smooth. The flavour dominating notes of ripe mango and aromatic lime are given a proper boost by the fruitiness of Scotch Bonet which adds complexity without adding heat and a hint of spicy pine apple. The finish is dry and mouth watering with notes of sweet mandarin, super aromatic lime and peaches.


Mango, Lime, Chili Pale Ale






Golden Promise, Flaked Maize, Malted Wheat, Golden Naked Oats, Acidulated




Columbus (Bittering), Amarillo, Galaxy (Aroma), El Dorado, Amarillo (Dry Hops).