The beer has an inviting rubyesque colour. The nose is fresh with hints of raspberry, strawberry and red currants. The flavour is crisp and tart and parallels the nose, there is loads of strawberry, rhubarb and red currants. The finish is nice and dry with a distinct character of lingonberry. Beer? Rosé? Nah bro, Brosé!

Brewed in collaboration with Forty Hall Vineyard, the first commercial scale vineyard in London since the middle ages. The journey started in Ben Turleys interest in experimenting with wine yeast and a desire to make a beer that dimms the border between beer and wine. It gets cold in our barrel room and since we wanted to ferment in barrel we had to build a heated hive for our barrels. During fermentation the beer developed an intense sourness, in the spring we got introduced to Forty Hall who very generously donated some grape skins which really helped us achieving both wine-like colour and flavour. We helped Forty Hall harvest about 1.5 tonnes of Pinot Noir grapes and came home with 400kg of grape skins after the pressing was done.


Rosé hybrid sour ale




Extra Pale, Carapils, Acidulated


Narbonne wine yeast


Lactobacillus Brevis, Brettanomyces Claussenii, B.Lambicus, North London wild yeast present on grape skins