Beavertown Says Praline

Beavertown Says Praline is developed and brewed by our Brewer Owen.

His desire was to brew a beer that was inspired by traditional old english brown porters which used copious quantities of Brown malt, but bring it across the channel tunnel to Belgium and give it a modern makeover.

To this end, a higher ABV, some special B and cystal malts and a favoured Belgian yeast strain were thrown into the mix. A high fermentation temperature was used to allow the yeast to express it’s characteristics over the top of an already complex malt bill…..and tada, Beavertown Says Praline!

Tasting notes: The beer pours a deep brown colour with a thick light brown foam. On the nose, there are strong notes of bitter dark chocolate, cocoa powder and treacle with some spicy yeast derived phenolics. To taste, there is lots of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, toasted bread and some dark dried fruits resulting in a velvety smooth, full-bodied ale that is balanced by a firm bitterness.


Belgian Brown Porter




Best Pale, Special B, Brown, Medium Crystal, Vienna, Carafa II


WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast


Magnum, East Kent Goldings



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