Barrel aged Applelation (Calvados & White wine)

This version of Appelation was brewed in November 2015, and aged in a mixture of Baden white wine and Calvados barrels. Some barrels had apple pomace (russet apples) added to them, some had brett lambicus, some had brett claussenii added, and some were just straight Appelation. The barrels were emptied after 1 year in November 2016, and packaged early 2017, conditioned until May 2017.

The nose is captivating with a very earthy wiff that is remenicent of a wet forest floor with hints of marshmallow, clove, and red apples. The beer itself is round and full bodied. It’s a sweet and sour escape where deep apple flavours dominate followed by a nice bit of funk and umami courtesy of the brettanomyces. There is a hint of stone fruit and pear in the background.


Calvados/White Wine Barrel Aged Bramley Apple Saison




Golden Promise, Extra Pale


French Saison


Brettanomyces Lambicus, Brettanomyces Claussenii, other wild yeasts


Admiral, Hallertau Hersbrucker