A Small Stretch of Land

The second of our Terroir Project Hybrid Beers brewed in collaboration with Chapel Down and Forty Hall Vineyards. This beer is crisp and aromatic with notes of melon, berry and elderflower on the nose. Lightly sparkling, balanced by oak and a dry, tannic finish.

In September 2018 we went to Forty Hall Vineyards in Enfield, London to assist with the harvest of Pinot Noir for their sparkling wine. The hot summer led to a huge yield, driving a full van of grapes to Davenport Winery in Sussex to be vinified. We took the Pinot Noir skins after pressing the juice, through a de-stemmer, and transported them back to Beavertown in London. The next morning, loaded with an empty IBC in the back of a van, we set off to Chapel Down Vineyards in Tenterden, Kent to collect Bacchus grape juice, along with some skins. We took the juice and skins and combined them in the IBC to allow fermentation to begin. Some yeast (native yeast from grape skins) harvested from the previous year’s brew was used to help fermentation along (rain right before harvest meant the initial yeast count at the start of fermentation was far to low to guarantee fermentation).

After a week of slow fermentation on the skins, the fermenting grape juice was transferred off the skins and blended with a wort consisting of malted barley, and wheat, hopped with glacier leaf hops from 2013. The blend of grape juice and wort was allowed to co-ferment for around 2 months in stainless steel when it was put to the same Pinot Noir barrels used for the 2018 Terroir Project beer for a further 8 months of fermentation and maturation, before emptying back to stainless in July 2019 for conditioning.


Golden Ale with British Grapes Aged in Wine Barrels




Extra Pale, Best Pale, Torrified Wheat


Native Wine Yeast and Bacteria from Grape Skins + X5 Yeast + VL3 Yeast


Native Wine Yeast and Bacteria from Grape skins


2013 Glacier Hops





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Bottle, Keg