Beavertown podcast #4 – The Birthday episode

15 Mar 2017

The birthday podcast, a messy but happy episode!
First part of the podcast is with Logan where Kamilla (who might be standing a bit too close to the mic) asks how the father (Logan) of the birthday child feels about it all, while standing in the middle of our onging birthday party.

The second part of the podcast is the day before the birthday! Here a very sniffly Nick Dwyer (Our creative director) is sitting in the basement at Duke’s Brew and Que (echo echo echo), chatting with
40ft Brewery, Basqueland Brewing Project, Dry & Bitter Brewing Company, Lost & Grounded Brewers and Stockholm Brewing Co about life, beer and collabs. Our Beavertown brewers Hammy and Cosmo join the chat as well.

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