Beavertown and Logan says: Psychotropic

20 Apr 2017

Psychotropic – a 3.1% New England Table Beer
By Logan Plant

This is my venture back on to our original 4 barrel brew house for our Beavertown Says ‘Brewer’s Series’. I cried. It’s been too long. It’s been over 3 years since I actually fully manned a brew from start to finish. This day had been a long time coming. I was like a pig in shit! Admittedly a pig with a dodgy back…how the years catch up and make youth so vulnerable and gnarly….anyways, back to the beer!

The idea was to create a baby beer that would blow your mind in to a new dimension. The plan was to pick up from the first small beer I brewed four and half years ago out of the kitchen at Duke’s Brew and Que. That original beer was known as ‘Pipsqueak’ and came in at around 2.5% ABV. We mashed in high to gain all the residual juice we could from the malt and hopped heavily with Nelson Sauvin hops. It tasted great but alas the batch was so small it disappeared in a flash and was never seen again…until now. It seems fitting that we look to resurrect this concept now. Easter has just passed and the summer is awakening.

So all hail Psychotropic! At 3.1% table beer packed with the hop punch of a DIPA. The plan was to load as much hop character into a baby sessionable, low ABV beer as possible. To gain the balance of a pure Humulus onslaught, I wanted to ramp the body and residual sweetness of the beer so mashed in high at 69c and used a good chunk of Munich and Vienna malts along with oats, wheat, rye and a touch of lactose. The hot side hop addition is Citra and the dry hop consists of 18g/ltr of pure Citra and Azacca T90s infused using our new Dry HopNik from Rolec. To help create the New England style juice bomb, I wanted to try a yeast strain I have become very fond of over the past year, the McEwan’s strain. We have used this in a monster stout brewed with our friends at ToOl known as Mr Hyde and an ‘Adambier’ collab with Parrot Dog from New Zealand called Universal Mind. Both of these beers oozed a really delicious fruit characteristic driven from the yeast. So with that in mind I thought it may be a nice side step beyond the usual Conan and London 3 strains being used extensively on many of the NE style IPAs.

I’m dead chuffed with the end result. From my experience brewing a low ABV pale ale is one of the toughest styles to nail straight off the bat. I think we’ve done a fine job. May your taste buds be smacked from pillar to post by this hoppy monster of a table beer and your mind by twisted in to the relative unknown. We give you Psychotropic.

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