Apricot Jammed

14 Oct 2015

Aussies, like us Brits appreciate a good brew. The appetite down under for craft beer is exploding massively. Great local breweries such as Young Henry’s, Mountain Goat, Pirate Life and Two Birds to name but a mere few are ploughing the road for bountiful, high octane, beautifully crafted beers.

We have been working with our distributer Experience IT into Australia from way back when we used to brew in the kitchen at Duke’s Brew and Que, sending a little of what we could every few months. Now, having a little more capacity, we are starting to ship out our kegs and cans to these fine shores more often.

So to have the opportunity to fly to Oz and meet the good people of this fine beer drinking nation was a definite. 25 hours later I landed in Adelaide to brew and hang out with the most wonderful folk at The Wheatsheaf Hotel. Then to Melbourne to promote the Beaver at Good Beer Week and GABS.

GABS, the Great Australian Beer SpecTapular! A monster festival held in Melbourne’s ancient Royal Exhibition Hall with over 300 craft beers served by over 150 craft breweries and we are invited!!! One of the treats about GABS is that every brewery gets to brew a one-off beer for the fest. We love experimenting! So Ben our lead brewer and actual Aussie took the reigns on the brew and was given full license to create something special that represented him and his brewing influences.


Ben choose a really interesting theory behind the brew, wanting to create a beer that was more multi-dimensional and complex than a straight lactic sour: A triple brew blend. 3 different brews, blended to one FV to create one singular beer. Brew 1 – A kettle sour. Brew 2 – A Belgian Abbey yeast driven ale to impart fruity esters. Brew 3 – An Apricot beer. The first two brews went smooth as whistle! Now, the name ‘Aprigot Jammed’ comes from the 3rd brew. Ben brewed these batches on our mother kit, our 4bbl heart beat. That’s about 650 litres of wort. Ben used nearly 200kg of Apricot purée in the copper. We wanted to hit those high concentration levels of fruit/wort but we may have pushed our little kit too hard. We started the run off, got a couple of hundred liters out of the most amazing tasting wort ever, then… Nope! No more wort! The purée eventually settled and blocked our hop filter in the copper. We squeezed another hundred or so liters out of this uber fruity wort.

So what we have as our one off brew for GABS is ‘Aprigot Jammed’. A triple blend, tart Belgian fruit ale. At 5.5% it’s sessionable with juicy aromas and flavours of Apricot and a mild tartness underlying the fruity characters of the Abbey yeast, and a decent head of foam to boot!

We are really happy with the way these brews turned out together and the way each has married to compliment the other. A crazy idea by an Aussie for the Aussies!

On a hot day in the sun..Enjoy!!

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