And we turned six

23 Feb 2018

Think we have just about recovered from Saturday’s Birthday party “Six Degrees Of Beaveration” now. And oh dear, what a party it was. Beers from 6 wonderful friends and breweries, lots of lovely guests, DJs and food


Again, a massive thanks to Land & Labour, Cloudwater, Boundary, Pilot, Elusive and Deya for doing the Birthday collabs with us as well as bringing some spectacular beers of their own. Also, thank you to High Steaks, Melt Smiths, Soffle’s pita chips, Craving Coffee and Eat Woza for bringing snacks and delicious food and to 5th Column for the cool live t-shirt printing!

And how does it feel to be six? It feels like we are ready to take on seven.


Team Beaver

Video: Jonathan Fisher – @fishplums

All pictures: Chris Coulson – @Cwiss 


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