An Ode To Pubs, by Tim Key

2 Jul 2020

We teamed up with comedian and poet Tim Key to create an Ode to Pubs, in celebration of their long awaited opening on 4th July 2020.

I’m stood in the queue for the pub, my whole frame tingling with anticipation.

My tongue’s dangling from my mouth, slapping happily against my chest.

I shut my eyes, dream of what awaits me inside.

I imagine the bonhomie, the kegs, the big, bare-chested brutes pumping beer into my flagon.

I imagine a paradise of smiles, the air thick with smoky bacon crisps and optimism.

I imagine the intoxicating smells: beer, wine, hand gel, freshly cut grass, fireworks and lavender.

I wait in the sunshine, my mouth watering uncontrollably now, my t-shirt drenched in hope.

I shuffle forward and swallow.

I dream of the beer again, flying through my pipes like warm honey.

My tongue makes a burst for the bar, I charge after it, my heart galloping with excitement.

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