Hallamshire House TTO

15 Mar 2017

People say that The North is a grim place, where sullen faced curmudgeon mongers wander the endless foggy moorlands in search of someone to mither on at. We couldn’t possibly comment on this, mainly cos every time we head up, north of the Watford Gap we have a great time – and so we are heading to Sheffield to hang with our favourite Thornbridge buddies at the Hallamshire arms, to sup good beer and talk about ales. Our 2 most handsomest Beavers, Clare and Neil will be there from 4pm to talk, taste and expound their knowledge on all things Beavertown so come on in and say hi!

WHEN: 4pm – 15th March
WHERE: Hallamshire House, Sheffield
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Clare (AKA Beaver 1) & housewives favourite Neil Saul.