Everybody here amounts to everything

We have taken some huge strides since the kitchen and the rubble of Duke’s Brew & Que. Massive steps. Workmates. Co-workers. Colleagues. Friends. We have all been brought together because the fit is right and they are special to Beavertown. We want the team to be wholesome, flowing and fluid. As a team we are creating something unique. There are a lot of other breweries. We are all very different. Not just in the beer we produce but the way we transmit ourselves through our craft and our voice.

Beavertown is about positivity within ourselves, expression from the inside-out. Being considerate in everything we do. Have the freedom to see beyond the horizon, with our recipes, with our art. Be vocal with our expression, be positive. Excel in what we are gifted at. We want to push ourselves within this world of beer. We have the opportunity to twist it, lay a big Beavertown line in the sand and never look back.

We are leaders, all of us. We can excel by the strengths of all coming together, coming to the forefront at differing times and taking the bull by the horns. One person can’t do everything; we should never expect that of anyone. Power is in the people and all of this is what makes our culture. Everybody here amounts to everything.

Lauren Lister
Head of Sales and Marketing

Once pushed a train out of the path of an oncoming baby.

Logan Plant
Owner and Founder

Least awkward on camera: 2014 winner, 2012 Runner up.

Vanessa Hernandez
PA and Office Manager

Panda, Panda
Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda
I get my office supplies from Atlanta

Craig Dillon
Brewery Team Member

Laughs in the face of laughing.

Jacob Davies
Packaging Manager

First aired May 25th 1992. 

Tom Jones
Production Manager & Assistant Head Brewer

Welsh. Not kidding.

Cian O’Connor
Lab Technician

He puts the CIAN in SCIANCE!

Alex Woods
Brewery Team Member

Make America Great Britain Again

Aiah Yambasu
Accounts manager

Refuses to use a computer. Instead, does all calculations on an abacus that once belonged to Kevin Rowland.

Neil Saul
Account Manager

Wolverines claws are made from Neils jawline

Brett Moore
Brewery Team Member

Was once voted “most”

Clare Doherty

Irish I was a little bit taller, Irish I was a baller.

Cosmo Sutherland
Lead Brewer

Real name: Douglas Everyman. A brewer made up of 100% lead.

Eoghan McGuire
Shift Supervisor/Engineer

Once ate Colin Farrell’s garibaldi biscuits by mistake.

Paul Mcguire
Brewery Team Member

This is a picture of Paul Mcguire.

Freddie Bjerkseth

In 2007 a special division of the fire service was created to initiate search and rescue missions for people who get lost in his eyes.

Kieran Hawkins
Events Co-ordinator

My Taproom brings all the boys to the yard and I’m like, we open at 2 please wait outside we are still setting up.

Caledon “Cal” Wickham
Brewery Team Member

Who ya gonna cal??? Hopefully Cal, he misses you.

Lidia De Petris

WWE Heavyweight champion 2018. “The peoples elbow” wrestling move was stolen from her by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Mark Walewski
Brewery Team Member

I wouldn’t if I were you.

Kamilla Hannibal
Social Media Manager

Not actually Danish. Accent a result of head trauma.

Nick Dwyer
Creative Director

Discovered celery.

Oliver Banks
Brewery Team Member

Does not believe in emoji.

Tala Oodit
HR Manager

Warning, objects in the rearview mirror may be more photoshopped than they appear.

Jonathon Wesson
Sales Support

Favourite Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Episode: “The M Word”

Favourite Housewife: Yolanda

Paul Keller
Warehouse Manager

Tweedle Dee.

Phil Shaw
Warehouse Operative

Acid house became flesh and walked amongst us.

Peter Reid

Hit his head so hard this one time he woke up Scottish.

Jonathan Hamilton

Nothing compares to you, except Simpsonswave. That stuff is whack. (Look it up)

Jasmin Piercy
Finance Assistant

Attempted to patent the “side eye.” Smiling is for the weak.

Sam Millard
Brand & Communication manager

Dame Judi Dench in disguise, I’m sure of it.

Valeria De Petris
Brewery Team Member

The only living person to have been told what Meatloaf would NOT do for love.